Vessels for Grace
When you don't know who to turn to
When you forgot how to smile
When you've been thinking hard about your life for much too long

You can turn to him
He will make you smile
He will take the burden of your life and carry you like a child

When you're so weak you can't stand up
And have lost the strength in your bones
When you're ready to throw your hands up and admit that you can't go it alone

He will lift you up
He will give you strength
He will take your hand in his and lead you all the way

When you don't know what you're doing
And can't even pray for yourself
When you try so hard to hold on, you must let go and give your life to him

He has your every step ordered
God himself will pray for you
You don't have to hold on, don't you know that Jesus is the one who holds you
2008 PiemericaWritten by Emperor MAR
September 9, 2008
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