He Lifted Himself Up on the Cross and Drew Me
Do we even know what kind of God we have?
Words aren't enough to show what kind of God we have
He is the first God, He is the last God, he is the only God, He is the living God
Yes he gave his son for us, Yes he gives himself to us
But has he ever stopped giving? No
He gives us life. He gives us breath everyday. He lights the sunshine to pour down in rays.
He gives the cool and the storm of the rain
He created and gives us everything
He made the trees. He gives the breeze and I can never repay.
What kind of god is my God anyway?
He is the life. He is the truth. He is the way.
Oh my God has given me everything
Even when he knew the sinful man I would be
He raised himself up on the cross and drew me
What kind of god is this that gives love and never regrets?
He is Jehovah God Yahweh Almighty Jesus

2008 PiemericaWritten by Emperor MAR
September 9, 2008
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