I run to catch your twinkle.
I'm blind, blind to all that you have been to me
Blind because I won't stop and think so I can see
I'm unkind, and somehow it all falls on you
I deny the things you do until I can't breathe

You're crying but still I don't want to hear you sing
Because if you do my heart will too
I'm forgetting, not because I wanted to
Forgetting the reasons why I married you
Oh what pain forgetting brings
I forget to look at your face before saying anything

Love, love is something that is always there
But love is showing how much I care, everyday
And it's true I show love to you but not even as much as I'm supposed to
What a shame I can be
I've failed in many things but more so fell short in what I bring, and just living

And the stakes are even higher when there is low desire
But fake can never prove
We must measure how we move
I'm wrong sometimes I confess but talking isn't always best
Why walk when I can run?
And why stand when you can run to me
Run in the hope we cannot see
I run to see a glint of light in your eye
Because love is refusing to say goodbye
2008 PiemericaWritten by Emperor MAR
August 5, 2008
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