When We Whisper to Breathe
It's not today that we have been waiting for
Pondering what we have but can't afford
A subtlety that chokes the life from the free
Who can be emboldened to think in our day and age?

I haven't said a thing unless you hear me
I haven't found a thing, unless you know
Unless you know how to find it too

We're so far away that no one can see on either side
We can't believe so we would rather die

The air is leaving the room
Retreating to mark our tomb
I wonder if anyone is ahead of the page
Who can think in their day and age?

Who, who can I trust?
I'm bolstered for bust
What is at this cusp?
I added so much to the list built on a window sill
Now it has blown away
We're not all alright today but who ever was?
Oh, the selfishness I found in us
We wish to get away while others, today they pay
How did I learn to expect my life as a wreck
While others are strewn and feel a hammer that will not yield?
2008 PiemericaWritten by Emperor MAR
December 4, 2008
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