A New Song
As the years pile up
My fears dwindle down
I remember 10 years ago at night I was hearing sounds
I applied myself and started writing them down
I threw out my mind and my heart into my spiral bound

But I wouldn't want to know me.. except to say "Wake up"
Those things let me know from where I have been brought
So I want to find more of a heart but it's not here it's out there
Out there where I was at the start

So lay down your cares & I will show you mine
And the words on the page showed my heart & felt my rage
And how Jesus blew it all apart

As the years pile up my fears dwindle down
He brought me to Him and I have to let it out!
A shout of praise! A tear for sin!
A love that gave my heart the real thing.

So I continue on..
Writing for the Lord a new song
This is part of how I pray
And I love to pray like David did
From when I bore my sin to when you told me you paid for it
I thank you God for this & letting me love you the way that you gave to me

2009 PiemericaWritten by Emperor MAR
April 29, 2009
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Additional Info.:
Written for the 10th anniversary of when I started writing lyrics.