Cage Deed

Cage deed
You can see in
I wish my deeds could do more than spill out of here
But all my works are trapped
Trapped by this structure here
I'm wasting my time while real lives are rupturing

I long to be together
But our love is a place with false shining faces
We hardly know what grace is
I don't want to be this way
But this must be the best there is because it seems to be all that is left out here
I'm having a hard time to change
And the change seems to disappear and no one really cares this year

Cage deed
I'm serving the mortar by tradition's order
I can't learn how to face my fear
And I seem to be lacking that stunning, the cup over running that I read in Bible lives
This is like a sick game
A heart being drained with no love coming out of it
I want to hear what's inside of you, the love and the pride of you
Will no one be real?
I have so much to bear, no one will take a share
And here, put your's there..
Yet nothing is touched
The love is not much
I'm beginning to see that no one loves me but they want to
And don't know how, no, young or old

My God, my God why have we forsaken you?
What is this foolishness in our hearts, in our heads?
Why do we fall apart at the drop of a word?
A blink of the eye?
An unloaded question?
But not at those who really die!?
I want to know.. how much have I added to your word?
I want to know.. what to do with this life built on sand and dirt

I will confess, forsake, and follow your Word for word per word
And ask "How can I love you today? Not a place, not a time, not a schedule, & not a rhyme but how can I love you alone Jesus?"
I will confess, forsake, and follow your Word for word per word
Leaving what I've heard and taking only you, the only truth
Leaving this cage and telling all creation of your grace
Any day & every day, I am free, I am free
Free to love you like you always wanted me to
2009 PiemericaWritten by Emperor MAR
May 20, 2009
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