Is that your voice on the other end?
If it's not where do I begin?
I don't know what to say but not talking causes so much more pain.

I hope my life last long enough for me to fight the thing that's killing me
I'm not impartial to see my fear.
And how it tears what I hold dear.
And makes it so no one else is near.
Know more fear!
I know more fear than I should
With voices coming to my ear I disappear into my fear

You are my long lost friend
But how do I begin to eradicate our end & begin

While you weren't the first one..
I hope you'll be the last
Or I'll say goodbye to everyone and let my life pass

I don't want to watch my life pass
And I don't want to take others down from their laughs
And I am heart-broke you know
Nowhere to stare from my window

I don't want to know after I am old
I want my life to change and get over this old pain
I want my life to bring what other people need
And throw off all these chains that keep me in place
In places where no one is
But I still feel
Even-though I know
I still run in this wheel with nowhere to go

All these years, all these fears, all these pains preventing love gains
All this time, all this hurt, when I am fine and I didn't think I work. 
2009 PiemericaWritten by Emperor MAR
January 22, 2009
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Additional Info.:
This one is about pain, fear, & losing contact with friends simply because you have to try to stay in contact whereas before contact was a given because they were there and so were you.