Dead from the Dead
I thought today I'd walk a way that I was used to
For those who knew I suppose they would walk again another day
But I am trapped with wounds to match the ones I have inside
And on this day I felt the gray come on so fast..

A meeting in the aisle they thought worthwhile while I see another death
I'm so afraid of what they've made I'm alive but they have killed my very self

I saw the many they said were few
I saw the few that touched so many
I saw the gun in the eagle's unbroken hand
God how you've made good and drew so many to yourself from this bad I just can't understand
2009 PiemericaWritten by Emperor MAR
March 11-12, 2009
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Additional Info.:
When the surface is so bad what terrible things lie underneath?
This relates to the Columbine massacre