Oh you, what do I owe you?
I owe you everything I know, my heart, my brain, simply everything

Know you, how can they know you?
O Lord only if I sow you, you are the word of life, all that is right

Grow me, Lord please grow me
I want to serve you only and I will because you'll fulfill your every promise

Show me, (show me) what you did and please hold me (hold me) to the truth you gave through your word that saves, so the world will praise your love and grace.

I want to make my name in Jesus name because Jesus Christ my Lord became flesh on earth and delivered me in second birth so that I may proclaim His name and not to sit and hear in vain but to do the will of God who died to make me innocent when I am tried.

Your love cannot be known.
You are worthy on your throne.
My God what can we do but lay our lives down and forever worship you.
2009 PiemericaWritten by Emperor MAR
January 6, 2009
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