Hear Say Settles,...
Some day someone will go and tell you want to think and what to know
What to do and who to be
Someone other than me
And you'll think about it and find that you could be your and not mine
So you break from what you thought you knew into something new
Something sinful and not true
You don't choose me instead it's you
What you feel and what you can think
You don't know the cost because you don't own the bank
And you're probably having fun thinking what you've got is done
And you'll never have to reconsider your switch
You just go further in the same direction
Thinking you've heard the best one
That the answers are adolescent
And what you hear you say settles
As if confidence in knowing equals truth in whole
And even if it did you're missing true love
Your head is in the way of your heart
And your heart is making your head think what it doesn't know, just what it wants to be true
2009 PiemericaWritten by Emperor MAR
September 24, 2009
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