You spiral into the sea of your own mind
Finding only what you already find
What is in you that makes you so sure?
That doesn't come from without you from those who came before?
Do you know that you're saying the same things you believe?
That you're only trust what you can see
You take your hand from your fellow man because you can't stand to lose a war
Have you wondered what you are fighting for?
For your pride? For hope? For truth?
For what you feel inside? For what you cannot do?

Are you losing it or is life just a brick.. in the sea?

I, I really hope you see what's wrong some day
Instead of thinking all the ways but one are the right way
You're sold by perception
Your faith is a weapon
Hey maybe I'm calling you
To step out of the lies that you are used to

What is a day?
What is it?
Can you say.. or is life just a brick.. in the sea?

2009 PiemericaWritten by Emperor MAR
September 22, 2009
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