Shots of a vest.
You're riddled with doubts
You're hoping to never find out what brought you here
Even though is is clear
You want to take a life
Take yourself with your knife
And perish by your word

Yes you protect your chest
Like shots to a bullet proof vest
You look in your mind to find the same reasons to make things true
Because of the alternative you couldn't do
You would have thought by now it would be erased
And you can't understand why someone would seek God's face
Or be carried

Who need a crutch when you can walk into fire?
Oh no your vest it cannot protect flames getting higher
You have now convinced yourself
"There's no one to answer to"
So you embrace death
The bullets are for life
The bullets are for life
You cannot fake things right
The bullets are for life

2009 PiemericaWritten by Emperor MAR
September 28, 2009
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