What if I found it yesterday
But I couldn't get it to stay
What if I spent all this time
To just have to lay down and die

Because I see
What is in front of me is not right
But not worth the fight
To live in despair because no one is there
I tried
And I can't do anything, that is why
I failed
I go over and over and think but the subject isn't nailed

I reach in, so I can put out
I can't defend because I don't have any clout
Oh what a waste..
Waste is what's left over, what wouldn't take
I took it all, I shook it right in your face
Some bait.. nothing even caught an eye
Those who are distinct watch me lay down and die outside of the eye

So what should I do?
What could I do?
There are so few..
What won't I do?
Should I try to
Lie a lie too
What could I do?

What do I want to be a star for?
I wish I could just shine a little light
I wish I could just shine a little light
To unclosed eyes

2009 PiemericaWritten by Emperor MAR
September 24, 2009
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