Ability is not Independent
If you could reign for a day what would you change?
If you could change yourself in one way what would you change?
If you could pay for just one thing what would you pay?
Or would you do anything?
Could you do anything if you had the power?
Why won't you do anything?

If you could say anything what would you say and who would you tell?
If you could bring anything even if you didn't own it would you postpone it?
If you could lose anything how long would you keep it anyway?
Or can you keep anything?
If you could be anyone you want..
Why can't you just be yourself?

If you could and I couldn't would you go slow?
If I wouldn't and you wouldn't would that mean "no"?
If we should but then wouldn't we've got a long way to go
Tell me does this mean "No"
Tell me does this mean "No"
2010 PiemericaWritten by Emperor MAR
February 2, 2010
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