Hand in Hand, Heart in Heart
I was hiding in the forest trees waiting just to say..
But I can't get down and say I'm sorry until you see it my way

I wanted to be mean
But I wanted to stop
I wanted to come clean
But it messed you up a lot

I'll still judge you when you kiss me and it will be more than fair
I am telling you you're my dream so let me be sincere
Darling won't you sleep this dream with me
Please let down your hair

You wanted to lean
So I held you close
You wanted to be serene
So I gave you all the love that I know

Here and now my heart is waiting to see you again
Just so you know my love isn't abating and you are still my best friend

I don't mind a routine
If it is loving all we can
I don't want to be mean
So love please take my hand
2010 Piemerica Written by Emperor MAR
October 12, 2010
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