I don't quite understand the means or the end
Who am I to be living for?
Just myself again with supernatural power
What am I doing here?
Not to be guided but to learn how to drive and steer my own way
The same way as yesterday but with new power
Please tell me who am I to be living for

Do I qualify by saying a name?
Can it really be change if I stay the same?
How can life be beautiful when I'm soaked in sin and never turn from what I should ignore?
What is the goal gonna be?
What am I supposed to see?
Could we be looking beside the fact?
Tell me, tell me where I'm at

Well should I just keep coming here
Expecting to learn when your good thoughts disappear
Have you thought this through or do you just want another through the door?
Please tell me who am I to be living for
I hear a name but aside from that I just hear the same as I have in the rest of the world

I swallow with no time to digest
You rush me on & on & on
I swallow with no time to digest
Am I being led & fed or am I on this roller coaster prescribed
One size fits all all of the time
2010 PiemericaWritten by Emperor MAR
February 22, 2010
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