I want you to know "no"
You trace back and you feel your heart attack but it's so useless
Because you don't attack yourself anymore
You feel cold. If only you were so bold to be useless
And you would use yourself for warmth
You don't eat your heart out you just let it rot
And you poison it to make it worse

What you have is beautiful
But the beholder does not have what it has held
You put it in but you take it out when you feel futile
And you can't ignore it anymore
What you do ignore is better than what you are using
And I have never beheld a user so useless
You use less of you mind, less of your heart
And you push them aside
You are dropping gold and life for a crime that punishes itself

And you
Why won't you die? Why won't you die?
But you see all this is true.. because you're still alive
I put everything on your plate but you still go reprobate
And yes I just want you to know "no"
2010 Piemerica Written by Emperor MAR
June 30, 2010
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