To Run
I want to run
Run until my legs fall off into the night that's rough
I want to run
Why can't I take it slow and think things out?
I need to run but I don't need my brain to fall out

Is it ok now?
Now that I throw it away
I want to be sure
Take my hand and make me change like never before

Is it out of the question?
Is it into the heart?
These things not worthy of mention
How can I prove that I don't want it to start?
Well if I act that way (I will be stopped)
Well if I act that way I won't linger on
So I want to run
Do I want to run
When I am calling for fun why can't I shake and be done
Oh I so want to run
Run away from me and stop doing harm
I want to fight but here I cut off my arms

Oh wait
I was needing a break
A break to forget what is at stake
So here I go
I won't run I'll just fall
Hitting the ground falling apart and wondering why at all
When I should know where to run
2010 PiemericaWritten by Emperor MAR
March 19, 2010
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