Dad, I'm 26 and I Miss You
There is still life behind these eyes
Despite being dry from the tears I cry
I wish we were all gone
And moving on
But there is no end in sight
And I know that sight doesn't mean much

I don't want you to come back
I want to go with you
I don't want you to be stuck here
I just want to be with you

If our God doesn't come today
I don't want to talk, I don't want to play
I wish we were gone
Come on, Come on

There is nothing I can do, to stop the way I am
I don't need a voice
I don't need a plan
I just want to be with you
Still I know I will make it through
The light hasn't left me
I know the light is shining brighter on you
There is still life
We are both alive
But I can't go to you
I can't go to you
2011 Piemerica Written by Emperor MAR
September 1,
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Additional Info.:
Written on my 26th birthday. My dad died about 2 weeks after his 62nd birthday and 2 weeks before my 26th. We were almost inverse age number buddies.