Not Even The Faded Prize of Yesterday
Have you heard? Oh there's another exciting word
There's good news old news bad news..
Have you heard? Knowledge is gossip, it's a way to chew the fat, chit chat
Everything I know made me a brat

So let me tell you what to do
Let me cut you with truth
Because it's good to cut right?
Don't cuts usually start a fight?

I saw through the holes in our plans
I saw through the lies, the pretense, the pretending & now no one can stand
If I put everyone on a pedestal then I don't have to talk to them or listen to them from down here

C'mon man let's pool our fear
Let's be victims instead of being angry
I'm tired of thinking what I feel.
I'm tired of feeling what I think.
I'm tired of finding all the links.
Didn't you know that knowledge is gossip to thrill the mind to pass around until it has passed its time & you're looking for something new, something out of the blue?
If it isn't true we'll make do by bashing everyone who is wrong, as if we'd been right all along

Cry me your proof
Or I will not move
Show me your face or I will refuse to participate
I know you're not hiding you're just lonely
We're not all riding still you won't take me to show me
You won't take me at all

The fact is facts get in the way
They bring us together yet hold us an arm's length away
What you do & what you like & who you know are not who you are
It'll take 15 seconds to throw everything away & throw it far
And no one will care because none of us were ever really there
Today we are even farther away
So all we'll have left is to hold onto the faded prize of yesterday
2013 Piemerica Written by MAR
June 17,
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