Fire Tears
Clean left him poor his whole life. I told him to stop ironing his cars, that those wrinkles were tread. Well he told me all wrinkles come from treading my man & home is wherever your sweat is from fun. He liked using air quotes even while typing so he never got 1 editing job. He hated cars that were all drive & no parking. He said scissors pray to the mob. Which mob I never knew but one thing was for sure. The rest of the things went to mystery & whatever lung sucking thing that's out that door. I called him a hero but he said he just row down the shore. I made a million boxes out of eagles & they never told me what for.

And I've got a fire in my eye. I keep tryin' by cryin' to put it out. But no matter how much I scream, shout, & pout it never goes out. So I took my fillet to the canyon & knocked the hall right out. So now no one doubts me because they've heard all about me & I don't wear chalk. I hear that chalk helps you talk but I don't want to walk or talk, just balk, balk, balk. Then balk at balking.
2013 Piemerica Written by MAR
September 25,
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Additional Info.:
Inspired by Captain Beefheart