Forever New
The dream was yours not mine
But I have to live sometime
And that time is right now
I am letting me out
I am letting me out
Out of my shell that was made by you
Out of the hell that you put me through
And now do you know what I'm gonna do?
I'm gonna say I'm through, I don't need you
I'm forever new

Now I am being what a man was meant to be
Not treating himself like a flea
If I have gone a little wild
That's just the joy that freedom brings
If I'm not living like a child I'm dying on a tree, I'm dying on a tree
And I will not let you limp into my heart again
You won't call Him a warring friend
So I choose not to be used, not to be taught, not to be confused
So I choose to lift my hands, grab the sky & free my legs

I am forever new, forever free, I don't need you to shackle me
I'm resting but I'm not waiting
The food is already on my table
I thought you were insightful but you were the one doing the stabbing
& now the knife I pull..
Now the knife I pull out
Out of my back & out of my brothers
I want to take your knife out of all of the others
Who are forever new, forever free, forever how they should be
Your news was deadly & I won't wait for you to kill again
To lie & call Him a warring friend
Now I'm warning you that you are fading
I feel heaven's pulse & His love is amazing
2013 Piemerica Written by MAR
May 8, 1999 & February 24,
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Additional Info.:
I kicked off this song with the lyric, The dream was yours not mine But I have to live sometime from Back Yard written 5/8/99