Glass Holes
How many hands does it take to chew marbles? You're a shaker, a stew baker & your arms are never rude. Holes made of glass, glass holes. Brillo tear mask. A cabbage called Bikemichael. Sweet gas smells. No one hated bunny eyebrows. He was only interested in owl sounds coming from the dashboards of wrecked cars.

I bet you're on this planet & sci-fi makes us feel alone. Well I'm not standing on Norvon Mac where its shady. I've come back from home. You can test your eyelids with honey to see if they attract wasps. I'm gonna keep it light & funny like a 4 ton hammer hammering gauze. That roll don't need hammered you can just roll it out. Take that white strip that ain't a sammich thru a balloon shaped route.

Our belts are hungry for more bellies so they hang loose. I spelled loose like a looser & yelled "Ramen!" like a moose. I grainy carrot fencing plotted to plod. A knuckle under white horse leather simmering in its mind's jackhammer fawn dose alivener.

Amidst rope, yellow salad coming, combing. Ferries without upsidedownlids. A fawl carpet lens on your camera trigger courting counting because a relationship with counting can easily last forever.

Clouds were tender eyevelopes, no opener but fog. A like quilted funny paper. Why are they always signing funny papers? We live with funny screens? Paper left its job at the microphone.
2013 Piemerica Written by MAR
September 25,
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Additional Info.:
Inspired by Captain Beefheart