It's All Gone & No One Else Moves
I don't have anything to say
There is nothing from my mind to take away
I'm through being sad
And I'm through being satisfied
I'm through being through
I'm nothing to you & I've got nothing to prove

You won't take me for who I am because I won't send myself, I have no plans
You see, you don't shiver when you're by yourself
The warm glow surrounds us like we're in a river
So I am fine & you are fine
Because we are nothing at all
We found the solution
Our plight is broken by light but the wrong kind
No one wants to fight & no one wants to rest
It's all gone

& you've got a way about you
But no one knows what it is
& I've got these things I'm shouting
But you can't even hear it fizz
I'm drowned out & drowned in, so this is all that there is
It's all gone

We've been brought together while being kept apart
What I had was a good start now where is everyone else?
The goal is to get so connected that we can't even feel disconnected.
The goal is to shadow pantomime our hearts.
We've lost it all behind our virtual wall
And I'm gonna stay here too because no one else moves

Whether you share or not nobody cares a lot
Whether you're willingly silent or speak free..
Words aren't a way to me

When it rains it gets cold
I wouldn't be surprised if we could be kidnapped with the right things but still feel "free"
So called solutions are the worst thing of all
I pride myself on being present but no one else moves
We can choose without rules
But when it rules we cannot choose
This isn't how things go
We've made a new way
And it has ended today
2013 Piemerica Written by MAR
July 11,
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