Put your Head in the Sand
You can let the world walk all over you
By spending so much time watching the news
Or you can get up and take a hand
Walk all over the world or just stare & stand

You can take yourself too seriously
By filling your mind with what might be
Or you can look at yourself & laugh
And take yourself away from the screens & dance

Oh don't you know
That you don't know where this world will go
You heard the lies years ago
And you still believe them with nothing to show

Put your head in the sand
Roll on the beach, take someone's hand
You trouble your mind constantly
With things that don't concern you & things that will never be

So put your head in the sand
Walk for miles without a plan
Or take off your shoes & stay for a while
Don't let anyone take your smile by their claims or by listing names or by worrying you when there are so many people close to you that need you more than the world & its so true

Your home is your land & you have found it but you're too worried about all the lands around it
They're stressing you out & making you mad
When people around you could make you glad
So stop getting lost in your mind
Pay attention to the people around you, the best people you'll ever find
Lay down on the beach & put your head in the sand
Then you will find that free land
The one you've been fighting for but had all along but you were too busy focusing on someone else's wrong
The night is coming & the day is through
And if you're going to let someone get ahold of you
Only let it me someone you love
Look into the back of their eyes & feel that heart tug
And you will live just like the free
Be the man you always wanted to be
Life is love & love is grand
When you're with the ones you love laying with your heads in the sand
Yes life is sweet & life is full
Look into their eyes & feel your heart pull
Pull you closer & closer each day
Let me tell you friends I haven't found a better way
Than to let your mind stay
Let your mind stay
2013 Piemerica Written by MAR
March 7,
Lyrics & Poems

Additional Info.:
A song about my view on politics & the like.
My first song that alludes to my daughter Melody.