Left without what is left
This house is normally heaven
But now I just want to get out alive
Don't want to go to bed early
So now I'm always late
I don't find this moment pearly
I can't stand up straight
I've pounded everything I have into this
Yet still I wait

There's not a party in this simpleness
There's not a weight that goes away
When I see you it is sweet bitterness because you are away
There's no soft touch no gentleness
There are just days & miles in my way..
And I know I've felt this like no one else can
Because they don't know you two like I do

Life is wonderful when you are with the best
But it is oh so sad when they are not with you
For now I've got a heart unfed & a mouth with too much bread
I don't want to stay tired for your return
But I'm afraid I'll be so worn down
I'm afraid I'll be so burnt
When that excitement hits me & you're both in my arms again
It will be so uplifting, better than your favorite song
Because I'll be there again with my two best friends
2013 Piemerica Written by MAR
August 8,
Lyrics & Poems

Additional Info.:
This is about a week I spent apart from my wife & daughter Melody.