Live Without Trying
What if we gave up this concept
That we had to pay life rent
That everyone but me is a liar
That only we burn with the right fire
And see each other true
Not for what we can do
To where you stand up & say,
"Let's celebrate me today."

What if we let go of control
Of trying to makes ourselves feel young or old
Of what we give & what we take
What if we gave up the break

What if we lived from our truth
Without seeing stains from our youth
Without filing our actions into categori
What if we didn't want to die
And instead you came up to me & said,
"I like who I see. You make my heart move. Let's celebrate you."

What if we gave up having fear of pride
What if we just acted free & alive
What if we're taking baby steps when we yearn to crawl

& I say to you some day all of our insecurities will melt away
Then we'll be left with the truth
We'll be left with me & you
& I say to you some day all of our pointless pain will refrain
Then we can look into our lives & live without trying, love without trying, live without dying
2013 Piemerica Written by MAR
June 21, 2013
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