Left the Mike on
He was the one who was a son
He had a father like no other
He wanted to free himself
He wanted to be himself
And his father would not let his son be buried under the world
Some would say he was a mistake
Some would want, his life to rake
But his dad would not let his son be run
Whether fall or fun
Even if everything could come undone
He left the Mike on
He would fight for him
He would adore him

With his social eyes he found the prize
But with risk of demise he would have no lies
He couldn't try calling
The lights were falling to be picked up again when the world was worth looking at.

The father let his son be free
To be whoever he wanted to be
And his son's night turned to dawn because he left the Mike on
He left the Mike on... for him
Life isn't something to win
It is a place to begin & a time to spend being who you are
being who you are, being who you are)
& knowing who's palm is in your hand
& knowing who's palm is in your hand
You want to be a man I'll let you be
You don't have to fake a thing, I'll let you be
Because you mean so much to me & I so want the world to see me leave the Mike on
My loving heart will be with you
In your time & in your room
Don't change but stay new
Leave the Mike on
Leave the Mike on
I love who you are
2013 Piemerica Written by Mike Reyes
February 26,
Lyrics & Poems

Additional Info.:
Song about how my dad treated me. Much love to my mother also who did the same. My parents were the only people who called me "Mikey."