Most Joyous
You are here the moment I wake up
I am here when you need my touch
We put our hearts together
Our loved poured out & built us a little one

I have found
Those with the most joyous sound
I love everything you are or ever will be
My love my wife & my Melody

This feeling isn't strange
It has just expanded & changed
So there's more room, another room inside our hearts
Made just for you

We have found
The most joyous girl to ever be around
We love everything you are or ever will be
We love you for life our Melody

There will never be a love shortage
We want you to tell us where the hurt is
And if there's none we'll dance with you

And if you can't see clearly
I'll make sure you can hear me
"You'll never lose my love no matter what you do"
I so love the both of you
2013 Piemerica Written by MAR
March 7,
Lyrics & Poems

Additional Info.:
First song directly about my daughter Melody. Written the day she turned six months old.