Time with The Machine
I'm at that rare place of changing from fear to boldness
But it's not boldness to act
It's the boldness of throwing my actions away & being ok

I am ready to rumble but I don't like that shaking
I am ready to crumble whatever is in my hands

You want to make me look petty because I'm not holding onto your ways
I hate changing my circumstances but I love changing myself for the better
But sometimes those two things conflict & I feel sick
But not sick & tired but sick of being eager
Sick of wanting to & it never feeling right & knowing all over it wouldn't matter if I tried!
Sometimes you only see someone loved when they die

I've been thinking so long but my mind doesn't want to take a break
It wants an alternative
I'm sick of trying to figure out how you & I should live
God will pull us through it

But I can't be weaned from time with the machine
They used to sit alone & do it for themselves but I still want to help
I'm stuck with oversaturated, dull bladed, mind hating, heart crazy, meaningless drool, meaningless drugs
And I can't get enough of replacing them

Oh when times were tough you left me out when you let me in
You left me out when you let me in
I don't want to call
I don't want to force myself to breathe
What happened to the natural, the kind you don't have to feed?
The kind you don't have to feed
the kind you don't have to feed!!

I'm at that rare place of changing from fear to boldness
But it's not boldness to rest, it's boldness to want
To be ungrateful, the boldness to haunt
I want you to feel like I do but only the good so I pass it on
But everything I pass on I pass out
But it's not enough. I need every single one to be untopped
I worked on this, more than just a monkey at a clock
I shot up & shot out soon enough to be left with naught
2013 Piemerica Written by MAR
June 12,
Lyrics & Poems

Additional Info.:
This is about friendships no longer seeming like they can happen naturally, about Piemerica not being appreciated, & some other things.