I Trained to Be Wild.
I did everything
While you were at the store
Looking for free samples
While what I'm offering is free with more

Too many fake diamonds
Yet you're oh so satisfied
I heard they fake a whole island
I heard them lie
I heard them lie

Yet I want some too
I'll even take it used

I'm looking for a fair shake
But this is an earthquake
No one in this gets out untremored
But it fades like a Friday in September

It's the headlights you see so long from far away
Then the taillights that fade faster than yesterday at midnight

I'm a kernel in the feed in the trough
You can pass by me
I'm a c in the sea, a tiny font
You'll never eye me

I trained to be wild.
It sounds stupid cause it's stupid to me
I trained to be wild.
And that is why you don't believe me

You caught me at a bad time cause I was falling
But I'm glad that you caught me because it's great to be walled in
It's so warm
Time escaped

I wanted to bring you peace
But you let it waste away
Taking from someone else
& I'm on the bottom shelf
Where we both lose

What I waste..
I waste nothing
What a waste
You embrace nothing, You embrace nothing

The shoe will never be on your foot
You don't understand & I don't think you should
But I trained to be wild all my life
& while it's helped sometimes it cannot bring two lives alone
But you can take from everyone else
& you can keep their memories on the top of the shelf
I do less than scrape by
I'm giving & I just want to be a part of your smiles
2013 Piemerica Written by MAR
September 26,
Lyrics & Poems

Additional Info.:
Because of the technological advances of the 19th & 20th centuries artists & entertainers have become the most respected people in the world but they are also the most discardable. This is about making various forms of art in a world oversaturated with art & entertainment.