When Blue Blew
Through the barren I found what I could be.
Beautiful lights shining on & from me.
I heard blue explode & drift away.
But still they were searching as if it persisted to the day.

Making it impossible is the easiest thing.
Fear will depress you & grate on your brain.
They couldn't get started
 They aren't enjoying the good they deserve.
For them it is sadder than sunset in a wilderness world.

The cuffs stay on for all of their lives.
You have to erase your heaven's eyes.
 I wish you were all riding with me in this amazing place
But your self-imposed night is always ready to lay waste.
Some day you will know what it was really about.
When the credits are rolling just don't walk out.
2013 Piemerica Written by MAR
October 9,
Lyrics & Poems
Additional Info.:
Tagline for the album When Blue Blew created from all of its song titles.
If you look at the song titles on When Blue Blew each paragraph is for a side of the album (1st one for dry side, 2nd for wet side, 3rd for out side). So I took the titles that were only meant to describe the sounds of the songs & somehow they magically can turn into a story. It is almost eerie writing it out because of how much unintentional sense is there to be made.

Dry Side:
1. Desert Saw Name Window 1:25
2. Leave Green Shadows on the Sidewalk :41
3. Swooning in the Red Lights 2:43
4. A.M. Rang a Song 4:38
5. When Blue Blew 1:58
6. I See Seas 1:52
7. Headlights on a Pillow 1:47
8. & the bubble took the rain dog :55
9. Drill into The Center of Earth Time :48
10. I Read red 1:30
11. I You Throwing 3:03
12. Fiveground 1:13
13. Purple tar :25
14. on dört 3:44

Wet Side:
15. Stars on a Clothes Line :28
16. Yellow Yell 4:31
17. I Blew Blue 1:04
18. The Ship Leaks from Above 1:03
19. When blue blew to... 2:02
20. Sandpaper Brain :38
21. The Never Beginning Story 1:08
22. The Living Water Surface 1:00
23. Wet Chain Link 2:30
24. Gold Coins Scatter Across the Deck 1:36
25. Rain on your shoes but nowhere else 3:24

Out Side:
26. Cops on a CRT 1:22
27. Time Traveller :56
28. Celestial Sault 4:23
29. Hills & Heavens 8:35
30. The Horse's Space Helmet 1:02
31. The Space Cloud Children 11:16
32. How P.M. Answered the Song 1:20
33. The True Ending After the Credits Roll 3:42