Love Without a Wink
Death is a fracture that keeps us apart
It doesn't heal until we're all broken off
There are so many reactions & so many words that don't exist
Tears from our eyes, clinch of our fists
I can't let you know what I'm longing to say because words don't feel & you're not here anyway
But let me at least tell you that you were quite a man
Joy in your heart, care in your hands
You made us laugh you made us think
You loved us without a wink

If there comes a time when my mind can't remember much of you
My heart will still remember everything
We were safe & relaxed in your tender house
I thank God for the hours & the years
I love you grandpa & that's from the life of my heart not from an event puppeteer
2013 Piemerica Written by MAR
February 27,
Lyrics & Poems

Additional Info.:
Written for my grandpa who passed on this day.
Love without a wink is a love without a stipulation, love without a catch.
An event puppeteer pictures someone going through the motions when some life event happens. In this situation saying "I love you" to someone who has just passed. My love is "from the life of my heart" meaning I have loved him my whole life.