Amalgamated Truth
You came up with a question
So they made up the truth
Is this infection or confession?
Are you coming unglued?

My sweet land
With holes & moles in the ground
Still they can see better than we

I got so disturbed
That means I couldn't rest
Learning on the curb
With water splashing on my chest
It hasn't rained in nights
I never saw the sight
I'm wearing all these puddles here
As dry eyes evolve to tears
Because of fears

Oh my sweet hand
Shaking to grab the knob
There's a thief in the house
& the only thing he steals is love
Oh no one stands with their head in their hands
Amalgamated truth
Only our wisdom has the years of a youth

Don't tip the scales because, man there's scales
Don't follow the sails throw the anchor down
I was a lot but I was nailed
No boat to rock, no scales to tip
Let's ride worry free on the winds for this ship

I'm not gonna mention yesterday
No, I'm not gonna mention yesterday
I said I'm not gonna mention yesterday

Ok, ok, enough about yesterday

Let's kick this off
Instead of kicking ourselves
Let's have a ball
Instead of rolling up into one

I'm hearless, not fearless
Don't ride off a twisted kiss
Think of the life you'll miss

If the night falls I don't have to pull it onto myself
And the writing's not on the wall
It's everywhere else
We always look to the blank place with haste
When your eyes are closed the only dark place is your face.
2014 Piemerica Written by MAR
June 18, 2014
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