Not Just Any More
How long will we be around?
How long will we fight the silent sounds?
What nails us does not have to leave scars.
What keeps us alive doesn't always bring us life.

I won't choose to eat just any more.
Yes I won't choose to die at the store.
We are free but stuck in time
As our hearts choose to cling to rhymes.
I won't choose to be just any more.

My last blink doesn't end for hours.
& what I think doesn't have to be devoured.
Do you know which ones are the waves?
They aren't always the ones you think.

If whether I ride or run comes from the outside
Then I'll be no nearer to clearer
Nothing will shine.

I'm living for the opposite of never.
Survive or chew?
It's all over so another it can be new.
If there's a sadness on my shoulder it's because I want to choose.

But I won't choose to live just any more.
And I won't choose just any mystery door.
Yes I won't choose to live just any more.
What if less is more because we're more than less?
What if the cleanest way to live is to allow yourself to live in a mess?
I don't want to live any more.
I want the right more, the right door, the door that lets ME out.

2014 Piemerica Written by MAR
September 21, 2014
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