You are Solely Loved

You can't betray me because I'm not taking sides
You can't convey me because I am a life
There's so much to fall into
A hand touch doesn't run away from the truth

Maybe lies are cold & lonely
And love is warm if only..
We could see this paradise
The one that lies behind our eyelids

You are solely loved
Loved from the source
And these are the details
Just look at the details
There they are
I can't tell you
Just look all around
You are solely loved
You are solely loved

Don't look into the future
Love is now
Love is always now
You can't imagine it if you could
Because love is now
Love is only now & now & now...

I'll let you show me your love
I'll let you show me your love
We all have it but no one else can grab it
We can only give, We can only give
This isn't give & take this is give & break
But not the break of a bone with the pain & the moan
But the break of the day, the rest in the waves
Moving & soothing

You've gotta rest while you're awake
That is the best kind, that is the best time
You've gotta rest while you're awake

I won't define
I won't make you mine
We are each other's
I won't make you bleed
I will supply your needs
We are each other's
& you are solely loved
Yes, you are solely loved
With no degredation, no separation
And we are all bright
2014 Piemerica
Lyrics & Poems
Written by MAR
June 18, 2014