Fight for Colours to Exist

It's time to pretend that everyone who's ever been..
Uh huh
It's time to recall that time we almost called..
Uh huh
We can't remember the things we didn't do
No way
If there are four hearts beating I hope they're not all in my chest
No way

There's no time to..
There's no one holding u
They wright it on a paper instead

But I can't face the glass wall because I'm still convinced it's a window
Why are there stairs in the elevator & why are they going down?
Got a short sleeve coat because I don't like vests
I'm gonna fight for colours to exist
Because if we don't they'll get taken away & our nation will fall
No more purple mountain majesty
Just grey mountain meh
2015 Piemerica
Lyrics & Poems
Written by MAR
May 13, 2015