Holding Peace

I say my peace
But it falls on deaf ears
Shines to blind eyes
To hearts that still have spears

And oh my finger
I want to let it go
Oh my finger
Let the water flow

Rejecting every thing
Embracing every lie
Then take the knife in your back
As correction from the sky

This wheel doesn't need grease
And my heart doesn't need to be saved
This heart pumps love from the one who conquered all our graves
But this is what I heard
Though it's not what you said
I'll take my black & white & paint the whole world dead

Are you ready for someone else's breath?
A god who rejoices in all death
Are you ready for fake reality?
The lord of darkness has a hold of me & I call him Jesus
Free from peace?
Free from love?
But never free from sin
Because the lies I believe within

You're not coldhearted
It burns with the fire of hate
The hate HE started
The hate that will NEVER be erased
He'll pour it out, forevermore
The pretender, the jealous god
The loveless piece of shit that allows everything through his door
There's never an excuse
What's the use?
Everyone is falling into quarters
The lines, the shades
No light, not even fades
Oh the borders, the borders, the borders

I hold my peace
Because no one else can hold it
Life cannot be told
Love cannot be bold
I hope you'll have it before you're old
I'm not gonna shoot
I will forever hold my peace
2015 Piemerica
Lyrics & Poems
Written by MAR
July 15, 2015
Additional Info:
Combining all Lyrics, Poems, MARS recordings, & recordings I've done in bands. This is the 2,000th song I've written.