Maps of this man

I don't recognize my shoulders
Inside I pool hours & hours
I swim inside of time
And I only stay wet for a while
As the memories drip & dry
I'm so good at holding dear
Life doesn't pass me by
I'm never kidnapped by fear
But help me I only want to lie

It's time to cut off hands
It's time to sew up hearts
It's time to live demands
It's time to throw away art

I don't want to go
I don't want to know
I don't know to care
Anywhere but here

So while my one man islands sink
The maps won't change a thing
I could craft with crayon
The maps of this one man
But no one ever seeks or sinks near these islands of mine
Yet in the light I still swim inside of my time

2015 Piemerica
Lyrics & Poems
Written by MAR
October 20, 2015