It will only take a moment that no one can spare

Night doesn't fall like it used to
The falling doesn't wait
Between scrawling & sprawling my life is great
But when I scrawl it's empty & when I sprawl it's full
Doesn't matter which one I'd rather do
Each one pulls when it pulls

Looking to share an overflow is not taken kind
Grab your buckets & watch your toes
This is gonna take a long time
Or maybe it will take a moment
And moments are what no one has to spare
At least not for me right now & right here or any time anywhere
So it all folds in on itself
One line breaking two
And I can't find the time because I am forever slow
But don't we all want friends on our time instead of theirs?
2015 Piemerica
Lyrics & Poems
Written by MAR
June 17, 2015