I am Above Tomorrow

Too many dents in this car, ahh to drive it
I will make sure we are, out of the private
The news won't give me the blues
Because I'm above tomorrow
The flames won't burn through my shoes
Because I'm above tomorrow!

You won't catch me on guard because I'm not afraid of anything
I'm a protector
Don't want to be a BS inspector
I'm not gonna look for the swallowed rings in the pile of dung
It may be valuable to some
To sift through the crap
I'm gonna sift through love & find the treasures in that!

I will not grow cold
I will not grow cold!
Because I'm above tomorrow!
I'm above tomorrow!

You think you're better than me?
Well I'm glad you can finally enjoy yourself
Stop looking through the wreckage & debris
There's a paradise to your left
You left it
Without being observant
They told you move out or start hurting

I will go toothless from the sweetness
I will go toothless from the sweetness
And I will smile!

And I'm above yesterday
And I'm above today
They are temporary things

Celebration celebration
Celebration celebration

Destiny won't tackle me
Because I'm the captain, & I'm the ship, & I'm the ocean!

My Father dwarfs Poseidon
And there's no need for hiding
We are eternity men
2016 Piemerica
Lyrics & Poems
Written by Michael Reyes
January 30, 2016