Isn't everything a waste in a wasteland?

I want to be a fire
That wakes up all the tired
I want to take their place
To rest in all of their beds
To take joy in that I don't have to erase.

I want to be a water—that just chills
I want to be a survivor
Of this sick timeline
Where man & machine just mime
Oh how I wish you owned a face
Because then you could look this way
& have anything, to say

Fall, fall from where you can't get hurt
Rise to where your feelings are worth more than these digital chains
Fire, fire burn me now
Because I want to run so fast to get out
Burn us now
Goodbye cool world, cruel world, empty world
Hello inner & outer space
Fill it up,  fill it up, fill it up with moon light
The only light but stars at night
I don't want no embers, no
No, no, no, no!

And now there is nothing left!
Nothing to grab, no theft!
I walk on a four second smile
And now, there are no more tunes to sing out
Nothing to laugh about
Goodbye hands
I will be held by no one, nothing under the sun
And you will choke until there's ringing in your ears
All the lost rings, all the lost rings of beauty
All the lost rings..
You never picked up
So goodbye life
Rife life on almost all sides of the sphere that never rolls

This is the place
Where all these things grow
Where nothing grows

So to you & yours who were always bored
We could have built something from those planks
But now the night is done
And we will never see fun
Tomorrow's a waste
But isn't everything a waste in a wasteland
Doesn't every grain of life leak through our hands
No, no, no, no no no not mine
2016 Piemerica
Lyrics & Poems
Written by Michael Reyes
January 30, 2016