But the cage has feed

Sighing collage
Ages away from anything that matters
Listen to the unlit matches
Scramble to be not one of the catches
May the light without burning my heart?
May I might find the end & think not of the start?

Shins don't drown they just feel cool
Rather feel the flow than the still of a pool
The sky ripples on the ground
The sound of a beating that isn't a heart

But the cage has feed
And that's what we need
The cage has feed

Thank those lucky stars that burned out long ago
Live thanks, sleep, grow
Convenient collapse
I want to land & stay
Can't move another day

Are these signs repeating or am I driving in circles?
Ain't no use in running unless you bazooka the hurdles
Thank you teeth for keeping us honest
No thank you feet, you're never lasting

But the cage has feed
Can't farm or grow a seed
The cage has feed
Which house is mine
The slaughter house or the daughter house?
Both have my blood
Only one needs it spilt
Cozy cube or cozy quilt
But the cage has feed
But the cage has feed

Alive & alone
Sleepy not honed
Don't keep this in the picture when you paint my life
I choose the colors, I choose the photos, memories alive
And the love that makes you live..
And the lights that makes you dry..
I have it all but nothing to give
I live the wonder but still wonder why

2017 Piemerica

Written by Michael Reyes

April 3, 2017
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