Scrambled Eggs & Scrambled Channels

I want to stay true
While kidding around
I want to be a gopher's friend in a corn maze, a maze maze!
I feel like dirt is a prefectly acceptable travel route
& I feel like a cabbage crying its googly eyes out
Cause those are the hardest eyes to cry from but the easiest to cry out

I feel like walking through the spillage from a tipped over barrel of tiny novelty couches
The kind that open up your scissors to cut for them a tent

Scrambled eggs & scrambled channels for both you have to pay
Scrambled brains & scrambled cameras both make you look away, make you want to play

Night time disco movie, projector on the floor
Everyone is coming to see you because their blindfolds all tore

I'm not just one
I am a winner of the truth
Not compensating for anything
I just know that life can be a groove
And feel so smooth
Speed bumps with goosebumps loving their job

I want to be your cereal mascot & add sweets to milk
I'll help you forget the havoc
Grab my bunny ears & hold on
I'll make a noise you cannot hear
I'll be the wheel you hold & steer
Let's ride the road that is wet
Again & again & again! So we don't forget.

2017 Piemerica

Written by Michael Reyes

March 1, 2017
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