I'm gonna take my life

Now I am walking away from the falsehoods that made me stay
In a broken mind in a broken world in broken humanity
But I know the healer
I know the cure
& I will never witness again the thoughts that made me poor

Lies took everything from me
All the wrong signs still had the right name
And I will never feel the same shame & anti-bliss
Because I am gonna take my life
Yes I am gonna take my life
It's my life the gift is mine
Thank you God, my heart always shines
I wanna take my life
Yes I am gonna take my life

No more fights no more wars
No more blight no more sores
No more pain, only love
No more double minded torture with a false flag from above

Forget the walk, I'll rest with you
Nevermind the talk, Blue is not true
unless it is the sky
Oh my.. life!
I wanna take my life!
I'm gonna take my life!
To keep & share
I know where
Here & now
No more "How?"
No more "How?"
Here & now forever

I am free
I took the life He put inside of me
Not bereft, not a mind of death
I took my life & His life takes me

The only darkness brings rest at night
& I am gonna take my life
Yes I'm gonna take my life
I'll shout it twice!
I want to take my life!
Yes I AM gonna take my LIFE!
Life is glory

2017 Piemerica

Written by Michael Reyes

March 2, 2017
Lyrics & Poems

"I wanna take my life. Yes I am gonna take my life." is a lyric I came up with a few years ago. 7 of course take my life refers to the wonderful gift of abundant life that Jesus gives.