Now I'm grasping at straws

I can see where I'm heading and it's off a cliff
I'm a stunt man & I'm loving it
I know how this is gonna go down & it's down the drain
But I'm a plumber so it's not a bummer, it's a great thing
I can hear the tone of your voice is starting to change
I can hear the smile I haven't heard in a while & I smile whenever I think your name

And it's true
Doom is looking bleak
It doesn't have a chance to stay on my mind
Oh Lord what a week & what a streak!
Now the flower is always fully bloomed
And the snowballs always zoom zoom

You never treated me with kindness
That wasn't wrapped in true love
My eyes are filled with blindness
To what never was
I never wondered just because

I'm the captain and I'm the ship and I'm the ocean
You are the flight, you are the trip, you are the hoping
Now I'm grasping at straws
So I can drink in the glory of life!

2018 Piemerica

Written by Michael Reyes

May 1
, 2018
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