Emperor MAR: where is your text?
Eggabalt: Text?
Emperor MAR: The club
Eggabalt: I just got back from school. Calmate
Eggabalt: Club?
Emperor MAR: Clamate?
Eggabalt: Calmate?
Emperor MAR: yeah I know what Calmate means
Emperor MAR: you still go to schooL?
Eggabalt: Hes
Emperor MAR: & you still come back?
Eggabalt: Hesh sez yes
Eggabalt: I wish I didn't half to
Eggabalt: two
Emperor MAR: have
Eggabalt: halve?
Emperor MAR: you Shave The Beaten Trail?
Emperor MAR: ha get that RADIOHEAD reference!
Eggabalt: ...I don
Eggabalt: 'I don't get that RADIOHEAD reference
Emperor MAR: Don is your son?
Eggabalt: (Sad face)
Emperor MAR: http://s93609871.onlinehome.us/tired/songs/Shave_The_ Beaten_Trail.html
Eggabalt: :(
Emperor MAR: wow 2 bass
Eggabalt: I mean
Eggabalt: :)
Emperor MAR: i wonder if I messed up
Eggabalt: Ooh.
Emperor MAR: probably not
Eggabalt: Andy Yorke, no relation?
Emperor MAR: Relation!
Eggabalt: Wow!
Emperor MAR: Jonny learned guitar from/with him
Eggabalt: ...Relation to Thom, I mean.
Emperor MAR: yes
Emperor MAR: younger brojak!
Eggabalt: Guau!
Emperor MAR: i have info on my site found on no other RADIOHEAD site relating to that!
Eggabalt: Ama-ZINGGG!
Emperor MAR: mainly in the On A Friday Name & Demo section
Emperor MAR: but enough about that
Emperor MAR: more about..............
Emperor MAR: dots? yes.
Eggabalt: IT.ST. is one of my favorite sites ever.
Eggabalt: !!
Eggabalt: More enthusiasm
Eggabalt: !!!!!!
Emperor MAR: yeah it is purple fuel for the fingers
Emperor MAR: wow no wonder people thought I was on drugs
Eggabalt: Hahaha.
Eggabalt: I would ask why purple fuel, but I like purple.
Eggabalt: So I won't.
Eggabalt: Ask why
Emperor MAR: why are you trying to make me groove?
Eggabalt: Groove to the smoove tunes
Eggabalt: Cos I'm groovetastic
Emperor MAR: insert chlling silence here
Eggabalt: o_o
Eggabalt: The line "It happens to be the plan" on Dance Sucka is in a different font from the rest...
Eggabalt: Along with the first line
Eggabalt: Everything else is in Arial
Emperor MAR: it does happen to be the plan!
Eggabalt: But everyone's got something to hate
Emperor MAR: yeah like..................hate!
Emperor MAR: people seem to hate hate those hypocrits!
Eggabalt: Yep
Emperor MAR: Prejudice against all racists
Emperor MAR: Jogists against all tad poles & on & on it goes
Eggabalt: Ind eed.
Emperor MAR: if I had a hammer I'd chizzle my physique
Emperor MAR: you can never have too many rolls or fat rolls
Eggabalt: If I walked I'd be ripped like Jesus
Emperor MAR: which goes hand in hand & hand in mouth
Emperor MAR: like beaten you mean?
Eggabalt: I mean chizzled
Eggabalt: I'm sure
Emperor MAR: i slee
Eggabalt: I smee
Emperor MAR: Terrible MARS CD possibly coming in Feb!
Eggabalt: Sew I saw
Emperor MAR: it won't be the best but i might be the 2nd worst or grood like a smooth can of cheery beans like ice
Eggabalt signed off at 4:49:50 PM.
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