Emperor MAR: hey spork mover i added up some primo lines to your "live---journ..n..n.al"
Eggabalt: I sawed that and used it as house wood.
Emperor MAR: you need a need house?
Eggabalt: I need one in the internet because it's a sad cold web.
Emperor MAR: sad tastes good if it is good tasting food
Emperor MAR: i get the feeling you kids are ripping me off. stealing my interests
Eggabalt: Those are mine and mine only!
Emperor MAR: at the drive-in, Glen Phillips, RADIOHEAD, Toad the Wet Sprocket... I brought all these cats to popularity in Tipton, TN & don't you forget it
Eggabalt: I already liked RADIOHEAD, at least.
Eggabalt: And ATDI
Emperor MAR: i know you already liked RADIOHEAD but I already liked RADIOHEAD before you
Emperor MAR: as for this ATDi business you must not have talked about it
Eggabalt: No, I didn't
Eggabalt: I liked One-Armed Scissor.
Emperor MAR: when?
Eggabalt: When it first came on the box with moving pictures.
Emperor MAR: where are your cds at fanny?
Emperor MAR: and this is where you go to get all you want & mo http://libra.kpsi.pl/marsvolt/tmv/
Eggabalt: oog. Gracias.
Emperor MAR: i finally just found to look for it a week or so back. never thought about it before
Emperor MAR: so enjoy your covetous prison dial-up slave!
Eggabalt: ::Cries on coaxial cable::
Emperor MAR: looks like 2 gb of atdi on that site ahahahah download that like I did
Eggabalt: I will when I get my new notebook!!
Eggabalt: Haha.
Eggabalt: Weep
Emperor MAR: yes you are a big shot
Emperor MAR: i'm hoping it doesn't out power & space my computer *gets worried*
Emperor MAR: but how can it when I have 1gb or ram & 200gb of space? expensively that is how
Emperor MAR: so where will the Egg be in the coming years of Muzzz?
Eggabalt: Wow... That's a lot of memory.
Eggabalt: I'll be in Memphis.
Eggabalt: At Christian Brothers.
Emperor MAR: for black Chrisitans?
Eggabalt: For Catholics, mostly. But I'l not Catholic.
Emperor MAR: remember us hispanics can be as racist as we want to be
Emperor MAR: so they teach you shame & things?
Eggabalt: Probably.
Emperor MAR: things like the Mathimatical Properties of the Pope Hat?
Eggabalt: Actually. I think, probably.
Emperor MAR: yet they won't let you make your own how sand sad
Eggabalt: So very.
Eggabalt: I'd like one.
Emperor MAR: you remember that all your personal information is leaked to our website for spamming purposes corrrect?
Eggabalt: Yes.. ::Weeps a tear of contempt.::
Emperor MAR: talking to me is like being on boring read only tv
Emperor MAR: so where is your epic music career going? i've heard you've worked with musical heros Emperor MAR & (The Joe) in the past, what an honor
Eggabalt: It was an honorable honor.
Eggabalt: And it was fun.
Eggabalt: And boring.
Emperor MAR: yes but only fun when we did something & only boring when we didn't or did
Eggabalt: Boring, like a drill. Not the other boring.
Emperor MAR: But the world wants to know... what next?
Eggabalt: Well, the world needs to mind its own business..
Eggabalt: But I don't know.
Eggabalt: Only the world knows, and I don't appreciate it keeping secrets and lying about them.
Emperor MAR: but you being a citizen of the world yes it knows everything excellent responce
Emperor MAR: any additional thoughts or information on the songs: Muddy Socks, song of Muzzz, For Them, or Weeping Demon?
Eggabalt: Weeping Demon? For Them?
Eggabalt: What are these things?
Eggabalt: That I vaguely remember.
Emperor MAR: ha you barely remember *laughs* we know everything but we still need to ask
Emperor MAR: http://s93609871.onlinehome.us/Adj/RGD/songs/Weeping_Demon.html
Emperor MAR: http://s93609871.onlinehome.us/Adj/RGD/songs/for_them.html
Eggabalt: Well, Muddy Socks was written in about 30 minutes for Ecology, as I'm sure you know.
Emperor MAR: not the time i didn't
Eggabalt: And it was played about 5 times that day.
Emperor MAR: great work!
Eggabalt: Yeah, we composed it at my house in front of this very computer.
Eggabalt: J'nan made up most of the lyrics, but he won't take credit for it.
Emperor MAR: i didn't know that. intriguinguing
Emperor MAR: you darn kids get together i could record any song likity split anywhere in the whole work with my porticorder
Eggabalt: Our teacher cried when she heard it.
Eggabalt: More than once.
Emperor MAR: because of the sorrow of the world being destroyed?
Eggabalt: That, and it was the best thing any students had ever done in the class.
Emperor MAR: yeah better than me :( I had Book to Drink playing in the background of my fancy thing but yeah better
Eggabalt: Haw haw.
Emperor MAR: that was my band performing it though so i still win :)
Eggabalt: Hey, yeah! :-D
Emperor MAR: here is a joke too crude to put on the website unless i work it in this chat..
Emperor MAR: I'd work harder but I'm afraid I'd be arrested.
Eggabalt: Meheheh...
Emperor MAR: They say keep your friends close & your enemies closer so I have to keep my friends extra close. *threatens your life*
Eggabalt: ::Is threatened::
Eggabalt: ::Wets pants::
Emperor MAR: I like shoes b/c I don't like feet
Emperor MAR: there now all my crappy can't put on the site comedy will be there soon
Emperor MAR: if you actually remember any songs 2 years later i can record them if present in the room. then we won't look like chumps with seat bumps
Emperor MAR: Preps for H
Eggabalt: H
Emperor MAR: because how can Muddy Socks go 'unrelased'? laziness that is how
Eggabalt: That's trew.
Emperor MAR: really that is the only song i demand you kids play for recording because no one knows those other songs anyway
Emperor MAR: too bad Joenan's plane crashed though :(
Emperor MAR: sleeping planes.. why?
Eggabalt: Joenan's plane crashed? It must have been really tired.
Eggabalt: Yeah.
Emperor MAR: yeah if flew all night
Eggabalt: Take that to the bank.
Emperor MAR: sorry
Emperor MAR: yeah if flew up all night
Emperor MAR: unseriously though when did, has, will he once more live in boring city USA (because now I live in Millington ha!)
Eggabalt: Muzzz???
Emperor MAR: i made your city coolsville you kids & your free fire depts. arrg
Eggabalt: Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
Emperor MAR: every structure in Millington has to pay $22 a month for fire protection. if there are 5,000 structures that means they make over a million dollars a year when Eggabalt: i've not even see a fire occur here
Eggabalt: That's blackmail.
Emperor MAR: yeah when most envelopes are white so they make it stand out just to hate you
Emperor MAR: Are real lies the truth?
Eggabalt: Not if they're false.
Eggabalt: But otherwise, yes.
Emperor MAR: I'm not a poet. I'm a poeman.
Emperor MAR: i'm going to be a record producer because i eat a lot of vinyl
Eggabalt: Poes were scary in Legend of Zelda, man.
Emperor MAR: If one wanted to be a grave digger as an adult & was asked "where will you be in 10 years?" they can legally say in a grave & not sound depressing.
Eggabalt: Hey yeah.
Emperor MAR: you've gotta see my stand up act. yes i act like i'm actually funny when i'm not (you can relate)
Eggabalt: I can. ::Weep weep::
Emperor MAR: my communication for the time ends now. "Have a great day" said the depressed man to the calendar.
Eggabalt: As well should you. Find a well.

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