Emperor MAR:  excuse me sir but would you care to write up an item for the site which tells of how you began playing music & a profiley thing?
Eggabalt: Well, tell me what to write. I'll have to do it now or I'll never do it.
Emperor MAR: what first sparked your interest in becoming a musician & give an approximate time
Eggabalt: Okay.
Eggabalt: Something like that.
Emperor MAR: i suppose you sent something somwhere
Eggabalt: So I did.
Emperor MAR: yes
Emperor MAR: excellently done & yes the great title (whatever it means) will be included
Eggabalt: Oh, happy day
Eggabalt: !
Emperor MAR: that Queen of Scotland title for your Interview was awesome i don't know who Mark Alsace is
Eggabalt: Oh, man. I forgot about that.
Emperor MAR: also your "Hey I'll give you another dollar if you.. whoops" was included in the latest fornitude
Eggabalt: I like the seals.
Emperor MAR: that statement confuses me
Eggabalt: On the front page of PIE
Eggabalt: The swimming mammals with the flippers
Emperor MAR: oh yes
Emperor MAR: taken at my one zoo appearance in October 2004
Eggabalt: The zoo is scary because it sounds like boo.
Emperor MAR: yet on almost exact opposite sides of the Alphabet
Eggabalt: Almost.
Eggabalt: If they were, it would be yoo.
Emperor MAR: or aoo
Eggabalt: That's scary, too because it sounds like a wolf
Eggabalt: Or a flow.
Emperor MAR: a flow of blood from a wolf who has bitten you but it's mouth bleeds not your wound so the world is upsidedown & the blood falls up & no one gets stained
Eggabalt: That's the (w)on[e].
Emperor MAR: once this bandmember part of the site is done then the RGD section is complete
Eggabalt: You should make a new game and use Idioteque (NES Chiptune).
Emperor MAR: well such a game would be made if i weren't so lazy forver :(
Eggabalt: I never got the full version of that one game...
Eggabalt: ;_;
Emperor MAR: witch?
Emperor MAR: should have been on Piemerican Games Soundtrack
Eggabalt: I don't remember which one it was.
Eggabalt: Maybeeeeeeeee......
Eggabalt: AH! BEES!
Eggabalt: Bees bees makin' honey.
Emperor MAR: i think i may have actually packaged that correctally I don't remember
Eggabalt: What single does Molasses come from?
Emperor MAR: let me remember by investigation
Emperor MAR: Street Spirit (fade out)CD2
 2. Banana Co.
 3. Molasses
Eggabalt: Ahaaaaaah.
Eggabalt: Kajorb.

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