Date:  Sun, 23 Jan 2005

Piemerica's Sign up Sheet

Name: Ditz

Real Name: Traci Johnson

Reason to Join Piemerica: seems really cool and a friend of mine invited me

Will you refer others to Piemerica? (If so Prove It)? ohhh...yeh

Will you send non-appreciative mail to people we suggest? sure, why wouldnt i?

How often do you Drink Books? i pick up a book atleast once a day

Are you tired of taking this sign-up? not really, kinda fun

If Piemerica were a liquid what kind would it be? "Piemerica"

Did you like/hate the mouse is a house? the what?oh it was ok

End? umm no

(C)? 2002 Piemerica

Date of Death(Birth): October 15th, 1988

Will you steal from us? no never


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